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Library Opening Hours

Days Time
Sunday-Thursday 8.00 am-6.00 pm
Friday and Saturday Closed


IMCO’s library mission is to support IMCO’s academic programs and satisfy its users information needs pertaining to learning, teaching, training and research through provision of up-to-date and high quality services and resources whether acquired or accessible in maritime, process operations technology, ports, shipping and transport management.


IMCO’s Library vision is to be one of the best academic libraries with high quality collections, diverse in breadth and form, and innovative information services.

Library Policies:

Registration & Library Membership Card

The users who are eligible to use the library service are:

1. IMCO members:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

2. Others:

  • Sohar Port staff who are training IMCO students.
  • Libraries of industrial and educational instiTuitions having Intelibrary Loan and Document

Delivery agreement with IMCO library.

A currently valid college ID card serves as the library card for students, faculty and staff.All International Maritime College Oman affiliates are automatically registered in the library system (ProMIS) as long as they are holding valid College ID cards. Non-IMCO members (Sohar port staff) have to apply for membership and provide copy of their civil ID and staff ID in order to be able to use the library resources and services.

Borrowing Privileges

Loan Period
Category Material Quantity Loan Period
Students Books 2 3 weeks
Books 4 3 weeks
Faculty AV materials 4 4 weeks
Staff Books 2 3 weeks
AV materials 2 3 weeks
Libraries AV materials 3 3 weeks
A. Non-Circulating Materials

Close Reserve books and reference booksare non-circulating materials therefore they cannot be checked out. However, in case of a pressing need, such materials may be checked-out by for a few hours or overnight or over weekends at the discretion of the library director.

  • Reserved Books:
  • Reserved books may be checked-out overnight if permitted by the concerned user. The borrowed material must be checked-out 30 minutes before closing the library, and must be returned the following day within 30 minutes of opening.

  • Periodicals
  • Recent issues of journals can not checked-out but it is possible to check out back issues. Faculty and staff may borrow up to 2 issues overnight or over weekends.


The library useris responsible for the safe and timely return of thelibrary materials borrowed via his ID. Checked-out items should be returned to the circulation desk on the due date stamped at the back of the item.


Unless a checked-out item has been reserved by another user, the borrower may renew the loan period for 3 times via email or phone but after the 3rd renewal, the material must be returned to the library.


The library may recall any item, after being checked-out to a borrower for at least 5 days, if urgently needed by another user. The user will receive a call or an email from the library staff and he/ she should return the item in the new due date regardless of the date stamped at the back of the item. Users who do not respond to recalls will be fined.


The user can reserve a book that is currently checked-out. The book is hold for two days, after sending the notifying email, for the user to come and check it out.

Overdue Materials

Borrowed library material(s) must be returned or renewed by the due date stamped at the back of the material(s). If not, the user will be notified in the manner outlined below:

1. The user will receive, via IMCO email, 3 library notifications to return or renew the library material(s).

2. If the user didn’t respond after the third notification his borrowing privileges will be suspended (blacklisted) until hereturns the library material(s).

3. The fines will be reported to the college administration. The user will have to pay the library material(s) value, overdue fine, and 50% of administrative charges. If he returned the library material(s), he will have to pay the overdue fine only.

4. Any user who was mentioned more than 3 times in the overdue lists sent to the college administration will be banned from using the borrowing service.

Overdue Fines

If the library material(s) was not returned on the due date, overdue fine will be calculated according to the library policy:

200 baisa / day
500 baisa / day for reference/heavy demand items

If the overdue fines were reported to the college administration and the user didn’t return the library material(s), he will have to pay the library material(s) value, overdue fine, and 50% of administrative charges.

Fines can be reduced or removed with the discretion of the library director.

Lost, Damaged or Mutilated Materials

Useris responsible for any loss, damage or mutilation of materials checked out via his ID. Any user who underlines words, defaces, marks, cuts or mutilates a book, must pay the full cost of replacing it.Charges for lost, damaged or mutilated books are calculated as follows:

1. Item price + 50% (administrative charges).

2. Higher charge may be incurred if an item is out of print or hard to replace.

3. If the item is found and returned by the user within 30 days of payment, the user is entitled to a refund, provided that the material is returned in good condition. The normal overdue fines will, however, be imposed.

4. The user borrowing privileges will be suspended until all fines/charges are paid.


All IMCO library users (Faculty/Staff/Students) should obtain library clearance before graduation/ withdrawn/ vacation / termination of service. The Library will not endorse the clearance form unless all borrowed materials are returned and all charges if any are paid.

Library services and facilities:

  • Computing facilities - including printing and scanning
  • Inter-library loans - to get items from other libraries
  • Photocopying
  • Study areas
  • Discussion Room
  • Internet-WiFi:



Through our Online Library we provide access to thousands of ebooks - most of which are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.