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Student events & activities

Student activities plays an important role in developing and providing activity programs which develop students’ skills and promotes their participation in serving the community. Through extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to discover and develop their own skills and abilities. The Student Council and other student groups are also channels for student participation in decision making. Student activities supports a variety of interests through different clubs and societies. Students can participate in any of them through the center according to their interests and preferences. Areas of interest covered by societies and clubs included:.

Media Club: English Club, Media Group, and workshops club, as well as literary activities, seminars and lectures.

Artistic Club: Represented through the promotion of fine arts, photography, music and hand-made crafts.

Sports Activities: These include various types of sports in addition to the competitions between colleges and universities within and outside the Sultanate.

Social Club (IMCO Charity): This group overseas community service programs, which benefit not only the local communities, but also helps build students’ characters.

National Day:

It is our heartfelt believe that Sultanate Of Oman, our nourishing nation, deserves a team support from us, all members of IMCO; directors, faculty members, employees and students, in the memorable National day to celebrate the anniversary within IMCO in an environment full of love to the Nation we behold with honor and pride. Out of a desire to celebrate National Day, we hold our festival ceremonies around 18th of November at the campus. We invite you all, both students and staff at IMCO, to participate in the National Day ceremony.

Open Day and Car Show:

The Open Day event provides an effective bridge between IMCO staff and students. It is held once in the academic year. An intensive program of different entertaining events take place during this day such as competitions, lectures, plays, exhibitions and car show.

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