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Nautical Studies (Deck Officer) 

As a Deck Officer, you can grow within a shipping company from Officer in Charge of the Navigation Watch to Captain on a large ocean-going vessel. This great responsibility requires thorough education and training. During your education and training as a Deck Officer you will learn to navigate, maneuver and in more general terms, to operate a ship. This includes safety courses like firefighting and lifesaving, cargo handling and stability of the ship, but also environmental and quality issues.

During your study you will be trained on state-of-the-art, full mission bridge simulators, in order to prepare you for a professional career at sea in the best possible manner. On the simulator you will learn to operate all the different instruments. This training is an excellent preparation for safe watch-keeping when you start working for a shipping company.

When you register for the Deck Officer program, you have a bright future ahead of you. Shipping companies are eagerly looking for young, new personnel because of the great shortages of qualified staff in the Shipping Industry. Currently there is a huge shortage of qualified seafarers worldwide and this shortage is expected to increase.

Graduating with a Bachelor also opens the door to postgraduate studies, which are often required for upper-level management.

Award: Bachelor of Science in Nautical Studies (Deck Officer).

Mode of study: full-time. 

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