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General Foundation Program

The General Foundation Program (GFP) at IMCO is designed to equip students with English, Study Skills, Maths and IT skills needed to meet the demands of the entry level expected by IMCO academic departments based on the GFP standards provided by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). The content and delivery of the GFP offered at IMCO are continuously reviewed and redesigned in consultation with the Curriculum Committee.

This program offers a one-year course which includes English, Study Skills, Maths and IT. The curriculum is based on learning outcomes, focusing on study skills, strategies and attributes which IMCO requires students to be able to demonstrate. We see the role of the teacher primarily as a facilitator, guiding the student to gradually move towards an independent learning style. The one-year program is divided into two semesters. During each semester, there is a range of continuous assessments, as well as a mid-semester and final examination. After completing the Foundation program, students can enroll in one of the Diploma programs offered at IMCO.


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