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As  a  part of IMCO CSR  role

As  a  part of IMCO CSR  role , and its belief in the importance of strengthening the communication between students and graduates with various employment sectors in the Sultanate. The college organized the annual career guidance forum on Tuesday, 17th May 2016 with the participation of twenty organizations  from various government and private sectors.

There was an obvious interaction between target groups in the forum; IMCO students, and other students from different colleges, universities, and schools as well. The forum aimed to introduce higher education students and graduates to available career opportunities in the Omani labor market. It has also aimed to connect graduates with companies and operating institutions in the Sultanate according to their specialization to enable them to understand the current and future suitable opportunities. Career Guidance Forum has accomplished these goals.

The forum has also aimed to enlighten graduates of the most important skills required by the labor market, which qualifies them get employment opportunities in these companies. The forum provided valuable communication opportunities between public and private institutions and the society represented by students and job seekers. These institutions provided presentations that introduced their mission, future plans, and vacancies.

The forum agenda included an exhibition, workshops, and direct gatherings between entrepreneurs and IMCO students, in which they presented their professional careers and successes which qualified them to be successful pioneers.