Process Engineering

Tuition Fees

3,675 OMR per year

2,600 OMR per year
*IMCO Diploma Holders, please contact Admission & Registration Department

Books and Study Materials: 200 OMR per year.


Diploma: 2 Years
Bachelor: 4 Years
Diploma: 3 Years
Bachelor: 3 Years
* IMCO Diploma holders need 2 years to obtain Bachelor degree

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SIMULATOR LAB Mechanical Workshop Process Control Lab


Simulation and lab work are considered as important components of your education. In the lab, you will develop hands-on skill and experience and in working with others, you will gain the interpersonal skills necessary to be a successful professional.
You will benefit from practical experience working in our laboratories including state of the art dynamic simulator lab, Hysys lab, petrochemical lab, process control lab, materials testing lab, well-equipped mechanical workshop, electrical lab, chemistry and physics labs and two dedicated labs for applied research in the area of water and energy which, combined with your academic studies, will prepare you for a wide range of careers.

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Testimonial ​

process engineer alumni

PE department has offered more than what I expected from both theoretical and practical way. And the most important thing is that, the college and the department encourage students to participate in inner and outer activities, which made the journey more fun and thrilling! I am truly thankful for the effort put by the PE family and IMCO for making us who we are today.

Hanaa Al Balushi - Alumni