Process Engineering

Developed in consultation with industry, our Diploma and Bachelor of Engineering in Process Engineering programmes will enable you to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world challenges. Combining exceptional facilities with teaching from research-active academics, this programme will prepare you to become a successful professional, able to address technological and societal challenges as well as capable of undertaking both life-long learning and further advanced studies. Besides the core content of process engineering such as design and development of unit processes, chemical plants and process automation, the programme includes control engineering, economics, environmental aspects as well as industrial safety and ergonomics.

Process Engineers are found in almost all industrial plants, and they are responsible for the design, operation, control and optimization of the processes. They examine how raw materials are converted into useable productions and how to improve the process. They are involved in many aspects of plant design and operation, including safety and hazard assessments, process design and analysis, control & instrumentations, chemical reactions, construction specifications and operating instructions.

Award: Diploma/Bachelor of Engineering in Process Engineering.


The Process Engineering Diploma programme seeks to develop students who can:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply key principles and practices in the PE field at operator level in contexts related to operations, production & safe manufacturing of products in process industries.
  2. Communicate effectively in English within teams as well as individually in order to carry out duties and responsibilities within the process industry in a safe and efficient manner.
  3. Demonstrate a sense of social ethical and moral behaviour appropriate for providing efficient services such as entrepreneurship, within their communities.
  4. Apply practical skills and competencies developed in the programme in a professional manner in order to operate equipment competently in a process engineering plant.
  5. Demonstrate the generic skills and personal attributes such as decision-making and problem-solving essential to success on the job as an operator in the field of process engineering.


The Process Engineering Bachelor program seeks to develop the students who can:

  1. Pursue new knowledge and critically evaluate it in the context of the process engineering field.
  2. Communicate effectively in English within teams as well as individually in order to manage processes within the industry in a safe and efficient manner.
  3. Demonstrate a sense of social and moral responsibility appropriate to leadership positions in the industry and to ensure effective service is provided within their communities.
  4. Apply practical skills and competencies developed in the programme to manage and lead in a process engineering environment in a professional and competent manner.
  5. Apply generic skills and personal attributes such as critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving essential to success on the job in the field of process engineering.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • General Education Diploma (Grade 12 Certificate) or equivalent.
  • All applicants must have studied English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Direct entry requirements:

  • Students must sit IMCO’s English Placement Test and score above 75, or score 5.0 in a valid IELTS plus passing Math and IT placement tests.
  • Pass IMCO GFP or other accredited GFP’s.
  • IC3 and SAT certificates can be considered for exemption.

For International Students

International students must provide an original High Secondary School Certificate, or equivalent, attested by student’s country’s Ministry of Education and by the Omani Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy of the student’s country in Oman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oman and the Ministry of Education in Oman. For more information, please contact our admission office.

We offer careers’ information, advice and guidance to all students whilst studying with us. Our CV writing workshops as well as practice job interview conducted by industrial recruiter is undoubtedly another factor in the high employment record of our graduates.

Process/chemical engineers on average earn more than any other engineering discipline and graduates are consistently paid more than chemists and other scientists. The high salaries paid reflect the level of responsibility and importance which process/chemical engineering graduates quickly attain.

A graduate might work as a field operator, technical/safety engineer or occupy a finance or management position. Process Engineering prepares students for a variety of careers in different areas including environmental control, plastics and polymers, instrumentation and process control, petrochemicals, petroleum and natural gas processing, energy conversion and utilization, biotechnology, food processing, minerals and composite material, pharmaceutical and healthcare, water and waste management, corrosion and protective coatings, microelectronic component manufacturing and finance and management consultancy.

Recent graduates have entered employment in roles such as;

  • Field/production Operator – Schlumberger
  • Chemical Process Engineer – PDO
  • Sales Manager – El-khereiji Company
  • Maintenance Engineer – Daleel Petroleum Company LLC
  • Instrument supervisor – OXY
  • Quality Assurance/Control Engineer – Seven Seas Petroleum LLC
  • Food Safety – Al Jarwani Group
  • Environment Engineer – ORPIC
  • Procurement Officer – Sohar Aluminium
  • Materials Engineer – Tebodin & Bilfinger
  • Project Engineer – NEKTEL
  • HSE Manager – Toshiba Oman
  • Marketing Specialist – Port of Duqm

Tuition Fees

3,675 OMR per year

2,600 OMR per year
*IMCO Diploma Holders, please contact Admission & Registration Department

Books and Study Materials: 200 OMR per year.


Diploma: 2 Years
Bachelor: 4 Years
Diploma: 3 Years
Bachelor: 3 Years
* IMCO Diploma holders need 2 years to obtain Bachelor degree

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Simulation and lab work are considered as important components of your education. In the lab, you will develop hands-on skill and experience and in working with others, you will gain the interpersonal skills necessary to be a successful professional.
You will benefit from practical experience working in our laboratories including state of the art dynamic simulator lab, Hysys lab, petrochemical lab, process control lab, materials testing lab, well-equipped mechanical workshop, electrical lab, chemistry and physics labs and two dedicated labs for applied research in the area of water and energy which, combined with your academic studies, will prepare you for a wide range of careers.

Testimonial ​

PE department has offered more than what I expected from both theoretical and practical way. And the most important thing is that, the college and the department encourage students to participate in inner and outer activities, which made the journey more fun and thrilling! I am truly thankful for the effort put by the PE family and IMCO for making us who we are today.

Hanaa Al Balushi - Alumni