Every semester, the college conducts an induction program for new students. The main aim of this program is to welcome these students to the college and give them the necessary information which will help them enjoy a successful academic career at IMCO. They will receive an overview of the college programs, facilities and regulations. The induction program consists of:

  • A welcoming speech by the Dean.
  • Briefing from the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs Department, Admission and Registration Department, IT Department and Foundation Department.
  • Highlighting the importance of academic counselling and sports activities.
  • Meeting with class teachers.
  • Distributing timetables.
  • Campus tour.
  • Collecting books from the library.

Receiving student handbook, academic calendar and internal scholarship regulations. There is also an opportunity for students to raise any questions or concerns that they may have.:

  • Student Handbook.
  • Academic calendar.
  • Class Timetables.
  • Admission & registration.
  • Fees and payments.
  • Examinations and results.
  • Graduation.

The 5th Research and Conference (RIC) series is a multi-disciplinary international conference which brings together researchers, industry players, policy makers to discuss and explore the latest development and trends in digitalization and sustainability in the engineering, logistics and maritime industries.