Research Grants

Research Grants

IMCO recognizes that the ability to conduct research activities depends to a large extent on access to research funds.  There are two main sources of funding:

College Research Grant

College Research Grant (CRG) provides funding for supporting individual and group projects, developing research initiatives and presenting and attending conferences. The Research Department administers the CRG and all applications are reviewed by the Research & Consultancy Committee. For applying to CRG, please refer to the College Research Grants and Application Guidelines

The Research Department distribute the research funds in the line of the recommendations of the RCC.  All research staff will be eligible to apply for the CRG. Support staff may be members of the project team.

External Research Fund

The Research Council

In order to achieve its goals in increasing external research funding, the College encourages and supports research staff to reach out to many different stakeholders. 

The Research Council of Oman (TRC)

It is the main external source of funding in Oman. For more information about various research grants, please visit:


EJAAD is a virtual collaborative platform where industry, academia and government can interact and engage in energy-related research and innovation activities. IMCO is a member of EJAAD. For more information about industry-funded research projects in the field of energy, oil and gas, please visit:

The 5th Research and Conference (RIC) series is a multi-disciplinary international conference which brings together researchers, industry players, policy makers to discuss and explore the latest development and trends in digitalization and sustainability in the engineering, logistics and maritime industries.