Research and Consultancy Committee

Research and Consultancy Committee

The Research & Consultancy Committee is responsible to ensure the implementation of the policy related to research. The members of Research & Consultancy Committee (RCC) include:

  • The chairperson of the RCC. The Chairperson can be the Dean of the College or Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs or the Head of Research & Graduate Studies.
  • Heads of Academic Departments.
  • At least 4 active researchers from different academic departments, nominated by their Head of Department. (There shall be no more than two researchers from each department)
  • Representative from the Quality Assurance Office

The Research & Consultancy Committee is responsible for: 

  • Standardizing the research process.
  • Reviewing the budget estimate for research.
  • Promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary research.
  • Advising the dean on the implementation of policies pertaining to the allocation of internal funds for research.
  • Publishing the research report of the College.
  • Advising the dean on matters concerning research ethics.
  • Developing policies for research & Consultancy for the College.
  • Evaluating quality and standards of research within the College.
  • Assisting in the development and monitoring of Postgraduate Research.
  • Arranging oral examinations for Postgraduate theses.

Key Performance Indicators

  • The number of internal funded projects per year.
  • The number and value of externally funded research projects per year.
  • The number of grant applications.
  • The number of students participating in research projects.
  • The number of staff participating in conferences and seminars.
  • The percentage of active research staff.
  • The number of awards received by students participated in local, regional and international competitions.
  • The number of research activities and events organized by the college.
  • Positive financial returns from research and consultancy activities.

The 5th Research and Conference (RIC) series is a multi-disciplinary international conference which brings together researchers, industry players, policy makers to discuss and explore the latest development and trends in digitalization and sustainability in the engineering, logistics and maritime industries.