Student Ambassador:

Are you a self-motivated, dynamic, ambitious, and charismatic student?

Do you feel like influencing students in the areas of your interest?

If yes, then you are the person we are looking for! So come and start shaping your future with us! Read more to get a better understanding of this new journey! We will give you the chance to shine; then, you will tell the story of your success.

This opportunity will give you the chance to be famous among your colleagues in IMCO and prepare you for the real world in the future; it will provide you with the opportunity to meet official guests, visitors, the public and important people in the industry.

Who are Student Ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors are a group of talented students who are selected to represent IMCO. It is a leadership opportunity that includes meeting IMCO guests and speakers, giving campus tours, being part of the new students’ induction week, sharing their experience or story, and getting involved in various events, media, and social media channels.
Student Ambassadors represent the college and convey its message to all stakeholders; they are considered as student leaders.

Benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador:
The opportunity given to you will help develop a wide range of skills that will add value to your personality, colleagues, family, community, and future employer. Additionally, you will gain what is equally important as your grades and improve your essential skills! You will have good relations, letters of recommendations, the chance to serve your campus, and help students and the community to learn more about IMCO.

If you are confident of your ability doing the following:

  • Being optimistic, respectful, honest, and mature.
  • Active in Social media platforms and ready for a positive engagement in IMCO official channels.
  • Willing to participate and represent IMCO in various events inside/outside the campus.
  • Able to manage your time and answer various inquiries via social media or emails.
  • Very good communication and public speaking skills.
  • Desire to learn and develop yourself.

Then go ahead and APPLY  or scan bellow barcode:

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