IMCO and STC Group

The partner of IMCO is the STC-Group from Rotterdam. The STC Group in Rotterdam pools the expertise of suppliers worldwide, for the shipping, port, transport and logistics chain, as well as the port-based oil, gas and chemical sectors.

The STC Group is a world-wide strategic combination of education, training, research, consultancy and implementation service providers for the entire shipping, port, transport and logistics chain as well as for the port-related petrochemical industries. Not only is the STC Group familiar with all aspects of the logistics chain and closely involved in the daily routine of contemporary transport activities, but it is also able to provide comprehensive planning solutions for future developments. Nowhere else will governments and companies find a partner similar to the STC Group which offers all these integrated services on the basis of ‘one-stop shopping’.

The STC Group supports IMCO in its determination to be a unique College not only in Oman but also in the GCC region. This support includes provision of specialized lecturers, support for the development of study programmers, short courses and course materials, while simulators and specialized training equipment have been set up in IMCO. The strong relation between both partners is emphasized by the fact that the STC Group and the Government of Oman together own IMCO. 

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