Medical Unit

IMCO pays a great attention towards its students’ health and safety. The campus is provided with a clinic with a qualified medical staff who is ready to deal with emergency cases as well as basic medical equipment and medicine necessary for initial diagnose and treatment. For further medical attention, IMCO facilitates transfer to nearby medical centers. Moreover, IMCO has a well-equipped ambulance to evacuate emergencies to nearby hospitals.

Health, Safety and Environment

The Health, Safety and Environment Officer runs routine workshops and emergency evacuation drills for occupants and visitors to increase awareness towards the safety essential procedures. IMCO campus has advanced safety systems that are regularly maintained by certified experts and licensed by the civil defines authorities. IMCO invites special medical crew to give first aid and rescue training and awareness sessions.

Reception hall

The main reception area exists at the main building where admission & registration staff will help you throughout your journey at IMCO. This area is also a hub for students’ activities and exhibitions.


IMCO has a well-equipped auditorium with capacity of 400 people. The auditorium hosts most of the college events such as induction meetings, plays, lectures and presentations. IMCO also hosts local and international events that supports the community and educational and professional forums.

Booking IMCO Auditorium:

IMCO Auditorium could be the ideal place for your event. For reservation, please contact: [email protected] (terms and conditions apply).

Sports Complex

IMCO gives a great attention not only to the students’ education, but also to their physical well-being. Sports teach students how to face challenges, how to pay extra efforts, and how to act within a team. There is a sports complex available to all students and employees and hosts teams from other communities. The sports complex has a gym, indoor swimming pool, a multipurpose sports hall. Besides, IMCO has an open football pitch which can be used day and night.

The sports complex and swimming pool are available for booking

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