International Maritime College Oman (IMCO)

IMCO is an operating company of ASYAD, was founded in 2005. The College is based in Suhar and currently provides higher education learning opportunities at the Diploma and Bachelor levels in Maritime studies, Logistics and Transport Management, and Process Engineering. ‘In addition to academic programs at IMCO, professional training is provided by an associated Training Unit.

Our Values:

  • Innovation: Promoting continuous improvement, creative problem solving and entrepreneurship.
  • Transparency: Exhibiting honesty, fairness and openness in behaviour.
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions.
  • Excellence: Promoting and maintaining a high-quality standard in all what we do.
  • Integrity: Exhibiting honesty, respect and ethical behaviour in our personal and professional standards.
  • Teamwork: Desiring and willing to work together, to help each other as part of a team.


Job Requirements: 

  • Master degree/PhD Holder in Maritime fields or Nautical Sciences. 
  • At least 2 years teaching experience in bachelor level in Nautical Studies/Deck Officers. 
  • Class I Master Mariner CoC Holder (Unlimited) with at least 12-months sea service to be sailed as Captain on board ships. 

Other Job Requirements (Nautical Studies (Deck Officer)

  • Publications in reference journals of the shipping, nautical and maritime fields.  
  • Teamwork skills to work in collaboration with group members or research teams within the department/ college level. 
  • Management and Leadership skills 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills 
  • Effective written communication skills. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 


  • Teach relevant coursework in the department. 
  • Participate and support the development of the curriculum and planning of modules and programmes in his / her filed of expertise as required. 
  • Advise, evaluate and mentor student academic progress as appropriate. 
  • Provide constructive and timely feedback to students and suggest improvement. 
  • Participate in the review of modules and programmes and in quality assurance as required. 


  • Supervise and mentor students in research projects. 
  • Support functional activities of departmental committees. 
  • Assist and support senior professors in their day-to-day tasks and functions  
  • Conduct research and act as project leader and principal investigator. 
  • Write and submit proposals and applications to external bodies 
  • Maintain a high-quality record of research publications as appropriate to the field. 
  • Provide high quality undergraduate supervision 


  • Participate in departmental and college activities. 
  • Play an active role in department/college committees and undertake an administrative role at department / college level, as appropriate. 
  • Share best practices with colleagues and act as a mentor for them in research-related activities. 
  • Assist in policy development at the department/college level. 
  • Conduct and contribute to short courses, seminars and other events at the College. 
  • Undertake other activities as requested and other duties as assigned to help achieve the Department’s objectives. 
  • Assist the Head of Department in their day-to-day functions. 


  • Maintain own continuing professional development and keep up-to date with the latest research in his/her area of expertise 
  • Undertake all trainings required by the college appropriate to the role. 

The 5th Research and Conference (RIC) series is a multi-disciplinary international conference which brings together researchers, industry players, policy makers to discuss and explore the latest development and trends in digitalization and sustainability in the engineering, logistics and maritime industries.