Academic advising & counselling

Academic advising & counselling

Since students at any educational institution always have problems and issues either academic or social, providing guidance and support is essential. The decision of when, how and where to conduct a counselling session with a student is normally based on the significance of the existing problem or case. Counselling sessions are conducted by the student counsellors and generally aim to:

  • Help the students to overcome any problems they might face either in their studies or in their social life which may have a direct influence on their academic performance.
  • Deal with different types of students’ misconduct and try to help them improve their behaviour.
  • Help the students to take the right decisions regarding their study programs.
  • Ensure that the students always adhere to the college rules and regulations, especially in terms of their relations with their teachers and colleagues.

Sometimes the student counsellor decides that the counselling session should be attended by a third party who is, in most cases, connected to the student’s case such as the class teacher or the head of the respective academic department.

For every department, there is a dedicated counsellor as following:

Foundation Department

Haneefa Abbas Ali Al Balushi

[email protected] 

Nautical Studies Department

Mr. Salim Khalfan Ali Al Shibli

[email protected]

Logistics and Transport Management Department

Ms. Zainab Al Macki

[email protected] 

Process Engineering Department

Mr. Talib Shinain Sulayim Al Yaaqubi

[email protected]

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