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International Maritime College Oman LLC (IMCO) was established on 24 April 2005.

Training Unit (Short Courses Department)

The Training Unit (Short Courses Department) at International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) offers varieties of training courses for those who are looking to be the best educated, trained and certified employees within any company or organization. These courses are IMO-STCW courses as well as specialized and generic courses related to the fields of Ports, Shipping, Logistics, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries. These courses are conducted by specialized and expert instructors and can be done either at IMCO campus in Sohar or at the company location depending on the nature of the course and the required training facilities.

To support these training courses, IMCO is well equipped with state of the art simulators, laboratories and workshops such as the below:

  1. Bridge Simulator
  2. Full Mission Engine Room Simulator
  3. Cargo/Engine PC based Simulator
  4. GMDSS Lab
  5. Liquified Cargo Handling Simulator
  6. ECDIS simulator
  7. Pilot Process Plant (Sodium Acetate)
  8. Process Instrumentation Trainer
  9. PC Based Process Simulator
  10. Dynamic Simulator
  11. Transport Chain Simulator
  12. Logistic Simulator
  13. Crane Simulator
  14. IT Labs
  15. Language Lab
  16. Seamanship Lab
  17. Navigation Lab
  18. Chemistry Lab
  19. Physics Lab
  20. Electro technical Lab
  21. Mechanical Workshop
  22. Engine Room Workshop

IMCO is accredited by Oman Academic Accreditation Authority and is also accredited and authorized by Ministry of Transport and Communications in Oman to issue IMO-STCW Certificates. This is of course comes within the continuous efforts of IMCO to provide and maintain excellent quality on both national and international level.

The STC Group in the Netherlands as the strategic partner of IMCO also supports in the training demands as to provide international experts to conduct some of the training courses whenever the need arouses.

We, at IMCO, understand that your company or organization needs and requirements are different from others, and that your company or organization has special demands regarding personnel. Whenever you require customized theoretical or practical training courses, IMCO offers you this unique possibility. Our team of specialists is also willing to develop training or course content by mutual agreement with you to suit your special need and requirements.


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