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International Maritime College Oman LLC (IMCO) was established on 24 April 2005.

At IMCO we are serious about quality!!

Quality Assurance Office was established at IMCO by appointing a full-fledged Quality Assurance Officer in December 2011. Since then the QA processes have been strengthened to bring in fundamental and systemic changes to IMCO’s policies and programmes related to both academic and administrative departments. IMCO successfully completed its Stage 1 Quality Audit process as per Oman Academic Accreditation Authority requirements in 2012-13.

In 2013, IMCO introduced the new Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001 :2008 Standards and received ISO Certification fromthe world renowned classification society ClassNK, Japan and RvA, the Netherlands. With this IMCO made history as the first and only Higher Education InstiTuition (HEI) in Oman to have achieved this success by implementing the Quality Management System (QMS) as per the international standards. This accreditation certificate was awarded with specific focus on IMCO’s “Training activities covering Diploma and Bachelor Studies in Marine Engineering; Nautical Studies; Port Shipping and Transport; Process Operation Technology as well as various Short Courses”. This ISO 9001:2008 Certification will ensure that IMCO’s Quality Assurance and Processes meet internationally acknowledged and recognized Quality Standards. The new QMS allowed IMCO to standardize and establish its policies and procedures in order to carry out and control all its functions and activities related to both academic and administrative departments. The major quality tools such as Internal Audit; Identifying and Addressing Non-Conformities; Customer Feedback; Management Review - deployed are not only helpful to monitor the processes but also to promote their continual improvement.

The QMS introduced at IMCO also aims to achieve the following quality policy objectives:

  • Ensure an ethical, transparent and efficient management and administrativesystem.
  • Implement curricula of international standards by a process of continuous review and updating.
  • Provide high quality teaching and training within a rich, stimulating learning environment and aided by personalised academic support.
  • Equip students with knowledge, skills and personal attributes that will enable them to be productive and effective.
  • Engage constructively and effectively with industry and the community.
  • Provide appropriately constructive and professional non-academic student support services.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for all academic and administrative staff.
  • Provide a healthy and positive working environment that will help staff and students to realise their full potential.
  • Ensure efficient management, maintenance and upgrading of all the facilities of the college.
  • Ensure that the student intake is increased by 3% annually.

For all quality related issues you may contact:

Address: Quality Assurance Manager,

              International Maritime College Oman (IMCO)

              Post Box 532, Postal Code 322.

Sohar- Sultanate of Oman

Phone: Office-00968-26827726, 26827777 (extension 726)

Mobile:00968-93210312; 00968-99706141

E-Mail: shanama@IMCO.edu.om